A pot of gold!

Under the Rainbow

The Rainbow Magazine was the Color Computer Magazine if you were a CoCo owner.  We can’t go back in time, but, our hope is, to capture the spirit of the original magazine in web format.

Ron Delvaux created this amazing cover reproduction which could show what the cover of the Rainbow might look like today, there’s a lot going on in the community, let’s see what we can do with The Rainbow Online!

Update: A CoCoTalk discussion on Saturday 10/28/2017 focused on a new Print version of The Rainbow and this On-line version. The general consensus seemed that if a print version of the new Rainbow appears, there would most likely be some shared content between it and TheRainbow.online, but also unique content between each. The printed magazine would likely start out as quarterly publication and could be more frequent depending upon interest and the ability for those involved in publication to produce content and get it sent to a printer. This on-line version will continue regardless of the status of the print magazine. The two will for the most part be two separate efforts with the exception of some content sharing. Each will welcome contributors for articles, columns, etc.


The Rainbow Online, is a tribute site to the original Rainbow Magazine, which was a monthly magazine dedicated to the Tandy Color Computer, published by Lawrence “Lonnie” C. Falk, and Falsoft Publishing, which ran from 1981 to 1993.  This web site is not associated with, or a representative of The Faulk family or Falsoft Publishing, and is being provided as a a free service to those who remember, and still use the Color Computer. TheRainBow.Online, it’s owner, administrators and contributors shall remain harmless of any issues caused by the use of this site, information contained here or at links provided. All requests to remove content due to copyright or ownership issues will be reviewed and honored as appropriate.

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