CoCoVGA Review

VGA Comes to the CoCo 2!
Reviewed by Steve Batson


I Just received my CoCoVGA from Brendan Donahe. This product plugs into to the 6847 VDG socket after you remove the chip from it’s socket on the motherboard. The board has a socket to plug the 6847 into. Through Brendan Donahe and Ed Snider’s wizardry, this thing outputs a very clean VGA signal and has two buttons to toggle various modes affecting artifact and scan line emulation. This works quite well and you can choose the setting that looks best to you on the fly.

You can find the instructions and all related information on the CoCoVGA Website and it’s advisable to read everything before you purchase and/or begin the install. It’s not a very difficult install and requires no soldering or other high tech skills. You do have to alter the case by drilling some holes for the button board that houses the video din connector and two buttons. Use care and check for clearance and location before drilling any holes. A template in PDF format is found on the CoCoVGA site that you can print and tape to the case to determine where to drill the holes. Make sure to take the documented warning to insure you print the PDF at full size. In my case it was defaulting to something like 93% so I had to change it to 100% before printing. I also found that the 1/8 inch drill bit was not quite large enough for the 2 buttons to fit through so I used the next size up and drilled out the 2 button holes one more time.

One thing you should be aware of, is that the card only outputs VGA Video, so there is no audio coming out. This means that audio will need to be obtained from someplace else. In my case, I already had one of Ed Snider’s Composite Video Cards installed that outputs video and audio so I can just attach a speaker to that and I’m in business.

While I did take my time drilling the holes, It probably could have been better. I do find it acceptable and since it’s behind the machine, I wont be looking at it.


I popped in my CoCoSDC and loaded up Buzzard Bait, so clean and crisp.



I also loaded and ran Zaxxon. It too looked fantastic!

 Zaxxon Video


In conclusion, the Text, Images, Colors, etc. are very crisp and clean. This is a fantastic product. Perhaps future versions, if there are to be any can include Audio Out. I’d give this product an A+ as it really delivers!

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