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At this point in time, it’s unclear if fees of any kind will be required. The main goal here is to promote the CoCo Family of products and those making various products. If you would like to provide an Ad of some type for your products or services, please submit them. It would be great to see them in the format of old CoCo Magazine Ads either Graphic, Text or both. But since this is on-line in the 21st Century, Videos are great too!

Pop*Star Pilot

by Nick Marentes
required a 512K CoCo 3
To Purchase Click Here

Bomb Threat

by Rick Adams
For the CoCo 1/2/3 Dragon PC
Order via PayPal | Order via Credit Card

Roger Taylors CoCo on a Chip – How to Build a CoCo 4
See it in action here!

Build Instructions Here

Forest of Doom – Coming Soon!
D. Bruce Moore and Jacob Moore
Find out more about Forest of Doom Here

Ed Snider’s CoCo Enhancement Boards are High Quality!
Check out The Zippster Zone
You might need to try the Google Chrome or various browsers, some browsers don’t like to display the images.


RETRO Innovations


Paul Thayer

For Ordering Information Contact Paul Thayer by email at:


“Button up that flannel, strap on those work boots and sharpen that axe!  You’re about to chop down the world’s tallest (never ending) tree!  Avoid being clobbered on the head by branches as they fall when you chop by chopping side to side!  Watch the clock and try to chop as much as you can before time runs out!  Rewards await those who chop the most.”

Video link:

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